WHAT I DO: I am Bio-intensive farming instructor, Montana Master Gardener II, alternative energy consultant and I run a research garden at 7300 feet in Bozeman Montana.

BEGAN ISAGENIX:  December 2009

LIFE BEFORE ISAGENIX:  I was severely ill with Lyme disease and a gluten intolerance, no energy, unable to think or perform the most simple physical tasks.

LIFE AFTER ISAGENIX:   I sleep soundly, think clearly, have lost weight and feel like there’s not a thing I couldn’t accomplish!  I’ve never felt better and have promised myself I will have Isagenix in my body till the day I die. I have what I believe is a complete recovery from Lyme, even though tests show I still have the bacteria in my system.

MY FAVORITE ISAGENIX PRODUCT:  That’s a tough one, because I love them all, but if I had to pick one it would be the Ionix Supreme

FAVORITE COACHING SUCCESS STORY: There are too many, I cannot choose. I love it whenever anyone makes even the smallest change towards better health for themselves, the planet, whatever.

HOW I CAN HELP YOU:   If you want to learn about organic food, mineral levels in our soil and why its important to supplement with Isagenix I would love to be of assistance and very eager to help. Nutritional Rebalancing is crucial in today's world --- give yourself a chance to be the best and healthiest you.

HOW TO CONTACT ME: michele@justcleanse.com or 406-539-6906



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